Hope for World

Do you remember Job? He has a whole book in the bible dedicated to him. Most people find the book too convoluted to understand. When I first read it I marveled at how God would allow him to go through these severe suffering. He lost everything he had. His children, his wealth, his possession, even his health was challenged at times. In the book he shares his agony with his friends. They were no help. They told Job that clearly he is facing up to the consequences of the evil he did.

Every time I lay my eyes on a bit of news on Facebook (since I stopped listening to the news outlets to protect my sanity), I feel like we are reliving the life of Job. People lost families, job, possessions et al. This social distancing caused our friends to be of no help to us as they are going through their own pain. They can’t comfort us as they too are seeking comfort. God seems angry and silent. This is a total Job experience.

The book of Job is sedimented in the bible to teach us how to deal with hardships WHEN they come…. they always do. Right now… hardship is here. Our friends can’t help up. Our spouse has also lost it. Doctors have reached their boundaries. Governments Officials are weary. Cemeteries have no vacancy. The World is in DISTRESS and we are seeking asylum. We’ve reached a dead-end. It is time to RUN TO THE REFUGE OF HOPE.

Look to God.
The World has NO SAFE PLACE right now.

Many of us are wondering, where is God in all of this? Has He fallen asleep? He is here. He is amongst us …  Just because we have to endure hardship doesn’t mean God is absent or lack goodness. Yes, He gave! Yes, He took away! Yes, His name be praised!

If you don’t believe in Christ…



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