Dear Woman Holding onto the Maiden name

Dear Woman Holding onto the Maiden name,

I don’t blame you! I do not know what all the hype is all about with changing the name. When it comes to the name change, I feel like a radical feminist. I’ve obtained degrees and accolades; started a business with the name – and because I said “I do,” now “I can’t”... keep my name.

I almost feel like it is a silent dictatorship. We know the order, and we must fall in line. Many women do it because it is “the right thing” to do. But what makes it the wrong thing to do – should one say no.

It is a “nice” thing to do as a family; it shows oneness. I get that! I’m not sure that’s enough reason for some of us. As a matter of fact, it is not even biblical; so perhaps this is my ticket to rebel against it. 

But then there is the vitriol of “his” family thinking less of you for not taking on the family name. They say it shows her defiance. 

While this letter is not to raise an uproar or catapult rebellion, I would like to see this name change to be something one does willingly and not forced upon up by Society and its Culture. 

I’m going to be changing my name this year because it is the right thing to do. 

With love, always!

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