Broken Daughter

Well in advance, we know our parent(s) before venturing into the world meeting new people. From an early age we comprehend that our parent’s role is to protect and nurture. Innately, we start to imitate our parents.
Wearing my mother’s pearls around my neck, barely walking in her oversized shoes, and applying her Ruby Woo lipstick always piqued my curiosity.

(Well gee, why not smear it all over my face then lay on her purely white linen? That would surely make mommy scream! Yeah, I will do that – whatever to make her lose her mind.)

For some women… this hasn’t been their narrative; they are the broken daughters. From their childhood, they’ve been victimized by life’s unfortunate circumstances. These broken daughters come from various corners of life. Their stories are inked differently but they carry the same burden. 

Some grew up without a mother. Though her dad crowned her as his princess and dotted her with love, there is a heritage of womanhood that can only be passed on from her mother that she dispossessed. 

In contrast, there exists women who were raised without a father; some don’t even know his name. They’ve witnessed their mother’s own share of brokenness. They’ve endured the void of not knowing or experiencing the love of a father or what it’s like to be cherished by a man. Though their mothers have given them their very best… they remain shattered.

Whole Daughters, with both parents, do exist but… some suffer from a mother-daughter toxic relationship. They’re encumbered and burdened by their mother’s cruelty. 

Some daughters have parents who have loved them tremendously and made many sacrifices to render help and support to them. But these girls have their own inner demons to be freed from and insecurities to deal with.

Then there are those daughters whose narratives have taken a turn for the worse. They are the daughters without a parent(s) to defend them from their prey or rescue them at their cry for help. The daughters abused or trafficked by both parents, unable to find a way of escape, suffocating with agony


If Broken Daughters aren’t restored, one day, they too will give birth to broken daughters.Let’s remediate that.

This post for you, mother, SHIELD your daughter by ANY means necessary. DEFEND her in public and POLISH her in private. All above else, COMPARE her NOT to someone else’s daughter.


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