The Incarcerated Me

The Incarcerated Me 

The Incarcerated Me is in a personal prison.  My very own prison that I have built with my own mind.  NO ONE can hurt me but ME.  The doors are locked.  No one can help me…

I’m my worst critic – nothing I do is ever good enough.  Excellence isn’t good enough and you already know satisfaction isn’t satisfying at all.  I find myself highlighting my limitations.  Honestly I have done far more damage to me than anyone could ever have done.

I am my own INNERMY.  My enemy is the inner me:

I say I can’t, therefore, I CAN’T!
I say I am ugly, therefore, I AM!
I say I am afraid, therefore, I AM!

Today, I decide to break FREE!

I say I can, therefore, I CAN!
I say I am beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made, therefore, I AM!
I say I am a WOW-MAN, enough, resilient, assertive, fearless and FREE, therefore, I AM!

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