Celebrate Yourself

I was talking to my baby brother the other day and he said, “I don’t think I’ve ever said this to you before, but I am proud of you. You’ve accomplished so much.” These words meant so much to me. I never actually took time to appreciate or celebrate my accomplishments. The delays, hurdles, self-disappointments, and failures have overshadowed them. I zoomed in on “what is taking so long”, “am I there yet” ,“why haven’t I arrived yet.” I’m behind, broke and broken. I often felt like an underachiever. I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much to say the least.

As a result, when he said those words to me, they picked me up. I became refueled to strive and thrive. His words are the catalyst for your inspiration today. You ran a good race. Celebrate it. Run again and keep on going.

We often cleave to modesty in such a way so that people wouldn’t label us as pretentious and uppity. We beat up on ourselves while other people praise us. We look for everyone to like us and we end up not liking ourselves. We look for everyone to celebrate us and we don’t even celebrate ourselves. Guess, what? It ends today. We have to be our biggest cheerleader. Our voices should be the loudest voice we hear in the bleachers. We owe this to ourselves.

Maybe you are like me, you’ve cleaned and cleaned the house and you don’t see what you’ve done. You feel like you’ve been doing nothing. Keep on going. Someone is watching you. Someone is leaning in on you for counsel. Someone is being inspired by your journey. Someone is learning from your mistakes. Somewhere you are blazing trails. Somewhere you are paving the road for others to walk on. You will never be fully aware of the impact that you are having on others. Commemorate your exploits and keep dominating your goals.


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