Dear Privileged Woman

Dear Privileged Woman, 

I know it’s been out for debate whether you are a woman of privilege or not.  I know that you are unaware of my fellow Black Women’s struggle.  I know… I don’t fault you for it.  It isn’t fair to call you ignorant for not knowing. But as of yesterday, I want you to open your eyes. It is time to see our World as is. 

All of us women aren’t really treated equally.  And if “they” say we are, it is just the perfect pretext.  Black Women were Property and White Women the Prize.  Today, we find that Black women are competing with the White Man, the Black Man and sadly we are competing with you.  This is a Cold War. 

I want you to open your eyes to see our World as is.  Better yet, deflect your attention to our reality.  We are unfavored and it hurts.  We just want all Femme to be treated EQUALLY.   Would you help us fight in this battle?  If you would ally with us, then we could win this war.  Open your eyes and see our World as is – a Battlefield!

With Solidarité, 

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  1. An honest and heartfelt appeal to our privileged sisters to aid in this continued fight towards true equality…I like!


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