The Empty Love Tank

For a myriad of decades, we, the people have been waking up with a grateful heart and smiles on our faces to be quickly vanished by CNN’s “Breaking News.” The news has been tremendously devastating. Whether you are in High School in Columbine Colorado, at the World Trade Center in New York City, in an Elementary school in Newton, Connecticut, at a marathon in Boston, Massachusetts, in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, in a hotel in Nevada Las Vegas or in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, we are all exposed to some form of danger.

Petty crimes used to be what cops were aiming to stop. Now we are dealing with major crimes. We have the police, firefighters, EMT, CIA, FBI, and the whole SWAT team arriving on these crime scenes because of, “Mass shootings,” “bombings” and the like.

The issue with the World is not the co-existence of love and hate. Keep in mind this, where love exists hate cannot co-exist. The pickle is the absence of love. In the absence of love, hatred, malice and bitterness will embezzle the harmony that humanity needs to thrive. Love not only “covers a multitude of sin,” it cures all sin. But, we have to be willing to let love work. If our love tanks were full, there wouldn’t be a need to emphasize #BlackLivesMatter because #AllLives would matter. We wouldn’t have to tweet #MeToo because everyone’s cry would be heard. Love is the preeminent solution to the entire problems of the World. Life cannot be sustained without love.

God is love

With that being said, we need God back in our schools, in our jobs, in our hospital, in corporate America, in the government, in our pledges.

Genocides, apartheids, atrocities, Civil Wars, The Holocaust, racism, terrorist attack and slavery would be eradicated on the face of the planet if we would put God at the center of it all. We can heal the World by prescribing it 1000mg of Love three times a day every day. We can make the world a better place when we fill the tank up with “premium” love for our tanks. Protests have become unsuccessful. Incarcerating criminals have become unsuccessful. Now, it is time for love to act.

The World has been running on an Empty Love Tank for way too long. It is time to get refueled. We need to stop protesting “Stop the Violence” and start raising awareness for “Humanity’s Thirst for Love.” I’m convinced the whole world can become great again by cultivating of community where love is prevailing.

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