Marie Lucille Azor – Stronger With Her

I’ve had a blast talking about 29 women who have had some great influences in my life. It is absolutely refreshing to know these ladies, the ones near and far. I look to them for inspirations, prayers, laughs and to carve out memories. As I close the curtain on the #StrongerWithHer Highlight, I couldn’t exclude this woman out of the list. Ladies, meet my lovely grandmother Lucille.

There is something about this Marie of mine. It’s her resilience and her faith. She is the mother of seven children and way too many grandchildren to number. For as long as I can remember, she has always been doing something for us. When my aunts and my uncle left Haiti for a better life overseas, she managed to raise us – my cousins, her two youngest children and I. She was a businesswoman… she didn’t have an office, she wasn’t the modern day entrepreneur. Businesswomen in Haiti at the time meant hustle to take care of your family by any means necessary.

She was not alone, she had a husband but they had a very tough marriage. My grandfather had no values of being a monogamist. This resulted in the birth of some stepchildren. As one can imagine, this was quite disconcerting. Despite it all, she remained faithful to him until his passing. This is the resilience of this woman. We can accredit her strength to her relationship with God. Her faith in God has always been something that she confesses and she wears proudly. God has never abandoned her. He gave her the courage to withstand these trials.

In 2013, we almost lost her. Lost, lose or losing is not a word we can bear seeing next to her name. Though she has lived life, we can’t foresee life without her. She was hospitalized for nearly 3 months. She had a stroke that left half of her body paralyzed. During that time, she suffered a severe memory loss. We all lost our minds. It was agonizing to witness her hanging on by a mere thread fighting for life. Yet, God has once again delivered her. She is back! Back to life, her limbs are restored and her memory is back like it never left. She is back in our arms ready for us to love her and be loved by her.

I’m super stronger with her because she anchors me in my faith. When the winds and the storms of life come, her words of encouragement are always here echoing. If my encouragement tank is ever on E, she is only a phone call away to refuel me. I love her dearly.

May God continue to bless my grandmother with long life

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