Sophia Brutus – Stronger with Her

At the age of 21 Sophia tied the knot with Jonathan. Sometime after that, during Hurricane Sandy, their home got flooded and they lost everything. At the age of 23 she graduates with her Doctorate degree in Pharmacy. This is quite an achievement. All the while being a daughter, sister, friend. Furthermore, she was active in her church. If that doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will. In any case, the most inspiring thing about her story is that she is always hopeful. She never allowed the trials she faced to deter her from seeing the good that is waiting ahead of her. She is not intimidated by hardship. She has this invisible bulletproof vest. Many of us never knew the trials that she faced because she endured them well. She has that Michelle Obama fierceness, when the winds of life pushes her low, she goes high. She may seem timid but inside of her there is an outburst of love and compassion. This compassion has compelled her to make many sacrifices for Jonathan, her daughter Moriah and those around her.


Here is my virtual interview with Sophia:

  1. What do you do?
    I am first a wife, mom, worship and youth leader, friend, sister but a pharmacist by trade.
  1. What is one thing you would you like the audience to know about you?
    Top 3 favorite things in the world (in no particular order)- Love, Music, and Food. I love Love, love to see people in love. Love seeing marriages and beautiful families. When I hear about them breaking apart, I’m sincerely heartbroken. I’m always praying for my single friends and their future spouses and I’m always praying for my fellow couples. Music: that’s my element. If I could do that for the rest of my life , I would. It inspires and I think it’s one of the greatest gifts that God has given us. Food: if you ever eaten at my house, I don’t have to say much lol.
  1. How do you deal with failures, hardships, judgmental and pessimistic people? I’m an pretty optimistic person and I have a really difficult time dealing with any form of negativity and I emotionally carry the burdens of others. But when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, aside from prayer first, I’ve learned to breathe through it. Literally. Just like a woman in labor breathes through the pain, breathe through your circumstance. Deep breaths: “Exhale Fear, inhale FAITH” (replace with any word for your present situation and trust me it works)
  1. What is the one thing that you would say contributed most to your success?
    God and his grace of course but my family though? .My village is beyond ammmmazzinnnnnnnnggg. I am absolutely nothing without them. The support emotionally, financially, spiritually, EVERYTHING …… they go above and beyond anything I would I would dream that I deserved
  1. What advice would you offer women wanting to be like you and make a difference?
    Be like me? Lol  I’m still trying to get it together. But what I can say is always put God in the center of everything. Nothing is too big nor to small. He cares about all of it . And you must fight for your success. Never give up, no matter what people say or what it looks like , don’t not stop until you see it!


I’m stronger with her as I’m learning to be the thermostat of my life like she has been in her life. She has been the one controlling how much heat gets to take over her life. She indirectly teaches me to be hopeful when faced with hopeless situations.

Here’s to opening your own pharmacy Sophia

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