Mymose Connor – Stronger with Her

I met her in her womb. She is my mom, beautiful inside and out. When she walked in the room there was this vivaciousness that she had. She was graced with great panache and elegance. She was indeed, “une femme avec classe.” She had this thing about her that I thought was quite bizarre, she didn’t like to shop in the common places that everyone shopped in. She felt it was important to not fit in but rather be different. As bizarre as it seemed then, I managed to inherit it. Even with her eccentricities she has shown to be a role model to many. My all time favorite virtue of hers is her ability to show clemency. No matter the offense that was committed to her, she always had this storage full of mercy to give.

Life always had something, especially pain, to offer my mom. It was as if pain was an autoimmune disease she had in her DNA. There was always something that she was battling, rape, bad marriage, cheating spouse in her first marriage, death of her first husband, tough pregnancies, death of a sibling, death of a parent, bronchitis, pneumonia, breast cancer. You name it and she endured it. Subsequently, she learned to become a fighter. She hit every curveball thrown at her. She squeezed juice out of every lemon given to her. That’s my fighter. In spite of that she was a woman of full of faith. She spent her last couple of years drenched with faith in God, knowing that God is able to do anything.

One of the things that I can recall from my mom was her speed. Everything she did was gauged at 45 miles in hour. Interestingly enough she was a respecter of the speed limit on the road. But, everything else she did was fast. She was able to fully maximize her day. She cooked fast, she cleaned fast, she folded clothes fast, she walked fast and she reasoned fast, she even thought fast. This is something that you would have loved to see for yourself. It is amazing that someone could be so fast.

I will ALWAYS be stronger with her. With the wisdom she imparted to me – With the way she loved and served people – With how she battled life’s fiery darts – With her candor – with her faith in God – With her legacy.

Happy birthday Mom!
Hope to see you again one day.

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  1. Your mother was such a beautiful person inside and out. She imparted her inner strength in you that you are now able to share with others. Thank you Mymose Connor.

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