Fabiola Jean – Stronger With Her

As long as I can remember Fabiola has always desired being a media maven. It was something she talked about all the time. Especially when our friendship was beginning, we used to be train buddies in the morning on our way to work. Our conversation varied from goals, men, marriage, church and much more. It was through these dialogues that I stamped her as someone who is highly acquisitive. It was evident, she wanted it and she wanted it bad. Today, she is a Broadcast Journalist, Founder of Propelled Media Mentorship Program, Entrepreneur and a budding filmmaker. This is the outcome of her insatiateness.

Here goes my virtual questionnaire with Fabiola:

  1. What is one thing you would you like the audience to know about you? Ambition is my key ingredient to reaching new levels in life. I’m soooo hungry for growth, I don’t want to snack on success I want to “last supper” it.
  2. How do you deal with failures, hardships, judgmental and pessimistic people?
    I used to care a lot about every little detail in life. There is no peace in worry, depression, fear, heartache and failure. In the words of Debbie Allen from my favorite sitcom “A Different World” “Relax, Relate, Release” As humans we are not built to have all the answers. That takes a supernatural state of being. (Thank you God) I pray for discernment and if it doesn’t feel right, untie and let it go
  3. What is the one thing that you would say contributed most to your success? I would say identity.
    Once I discovered the magic that I had to offer (humbly of course) my personal goals kept and keep breaking glass ceilings.
  4. What advice would you offer women wanting to be like you and make a difference?
    “Believe in the product you” that’s our motto to Propelled Media Mentorship Program. Society is never interested in who you can best imitate. Unique influencers are ALWAYS trending. Trust in your “IT” factor and RUN with it. Channel your strengths; acknowledge your weaknesses and BE EXCEPTIONAL!

Yes! Indeed, Fabiola lives up to her advice; she channels all her strength. By virtue of her strength I’m stronger with her. I’m a witness of the fertility of her ambition. If I ever lack aspiration to go after something bigger than me, I can always look up to her for it. She is a crossbreed of Ava Duvernay and Robin Roberts. I look forward to hearing her share in their platform of influence. And to that I say

Here is to making it on National Television Fabiola,

[*] Check out her mentorship program http://www.PropelledMediaMentorship.com

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