Miriam Legrand – Stronger With Her

Life alone can be quite melancholic, boring and even painful. However with people like Miriam, life becomes utterly jubilant. She is that plus (+) sign that adds to peoples’ lives equaling it (=) to something positive. I admire her kindness and generosity. She keeps on giving. She keeps on adding. Then, there is Miriam’s candor, which is well proportionated with grace. Her ability to exercise candidness with mindfulness is very commendable. She teaches me that it is possible to be frank with people without hurting their feelings. It takes a wise person to be able to execute them both efficaciously. She is an exceptional wife to Jerry and mother to her two children Arielle and Camden.

 Here goes my virtual interview with Miriam:

  1. What do you do?
    I work in the financial services industry as an analyst.
  2. What is one thing you would you like the audience to know about you?
    I am a very private person who does not like attention or being in the spotlight.
  3. How do you deal with failures, hardships, judgmental and pessimistic people?
    Use set-backs in different areas of your life as an inspiration to push you forward. After the financial crisis of 2008 I found myself unemployed and at a crossroad in my life. I went on countless interviews and found rejection from so many people. One company I interviewed with for a lead analyst role called me back to offer me an assistant position. I used that time to really connect with God and focused on furthering my education.
  4. What is the one thing that you would say contributed most to your success?
    My mother is my biggest inspiration by far. She wears so many hats effortlessly. I don’t know how she is able to manage a church, home, grandkids, healthy lifestyle (she loves the gym) and working while in retirement. I also admire that she pursued many of her dreams later in life.  She continued her education while having grown kids and got her drivers license boosting her freedom and independence. It’s never too late!
  5. What advice would you offer women wanting to be like you and make a difference?
    Do not try to be like anybody but who god created you to be. Enjoy yourself at every stage of your life: single, married, with kids etc … Right now I’m enjoying my family and I have found a new love for the word of God. Once you have that inner joy, nothing can take it away. And it will radiate in all that you do.

I’m stronger with her. With her, there is this space of honesty and free of judgment that allows me to share myself, the real me with her. Being that she is a well-seasoned wife, I consider her life as a treasure hunt field. There are much gems and gold that I can benefit from as I prepare myself for matrimony.

Here is to a life of great abundance Miriam

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