Anne Garçon – Stronger With Her

She is Anne to most, Mrs Garçon to some. But, to me, she is “SuperMom.” Prior to her becoming my SuperMom, I used to see her in our community functions. I loved attending Good Shepherd’s Youth Revival, a church pastored by her father. They had the best choir. For every revival, Anne would write a song relating to the revival’s theme. These songs began my journey with God. (Hint** an Album would be great, The Good Shepherd Reunion Album.) I haven’t met someone quite like her. She is modest and oh so amicable. Gosh, it is contagious. Her amicableness far exceeds the word itself. What I admire about her is that as her fame increases her humility increases all the more. This is highly esteemed. Her and her husband, Irventz, founded “Marriage Talks with the Garçons” via Facebook Live, which is designed to help marriages. Especially marriages that are drowning in the ideology of the “perfect marriage.” There, they’ve opened up about their marriage, the faith they share, the fruit they’re producing and the flaws they have. Through this, I believe that many marriages are being restored and rekindled.

Here is my virtual interview with Anne:

  1. What do you do?

I am the wife to a loving husband who labors in marriage ministry with me. We are the co-founders of Marriage…Built to Last. I am the mother of two talented, intelligent, goal-driven, and God loving kids. I am a minstrel for the kingdom of God. I have a singing ministry called Anne Garcon and NOW. I am an educator to a gang of 6 and 7 year olds. The list can go on…but I’ll stop here.

  1. What is one thing you would you like the audience to know about you?

I love to help people and because I have a heart for people, I find myself trying to be all things to all man. Now there are pros and cons to everything. Some of the pros to this quality of mine is that I make people happy and I feel great about myself. Some of the cons are that I over exert myself and I don’t get the same sacrifices from those I help in return. However, I have learned to continue being who I am in spite of how others may be. But I have also learned to pull back a little and be that “help” in moderation. So one of the recently added words to my vocabulary is “No.” And although I believed that it needed to be connected to a reason, I was elated to find out that “No” is actually a complete sentence. It’s still hard to say it sometimes but necessary.

  1. How do you deal with failures, hardships, judgmental and pessimistic people?

I am very hard on myself when I am not at my best. I give myself no room to fail and because of that, I tend to get stuck in a rut beating myself up for mistakes I make or for not meeting a goal at a particular time. I’m learning to not only practice forgiving others but forgiving myself as well. Pacing myself and not trying to do everything at the same time has really helped me in this area. Small successes are still successes and I’m okay with that.

In reference to the judgmental and pessimistic people, because I am peoples’ person, I don’t take judgmental attitudes too well. One of my downfalls is trying to make everyone happy. I’ve come to the realization that no matter what you do, whether good or bad, you will always encounter two types of people. The ones who are for you and the ones who are against you. My husband constantly encourages me to worry about what God says because “If someone has a problem with you, they’re the problem!”— his words exactly. I have learned to turn down the noise and focus on Who really matters.

  1. What is the one thing that you would say contributed most to your success?

The one thing that has contributed to my success is God! Sounds cliché but honestly, when I sit and reflect on the person that I am and where I came from, I really can’t take any credit. I always say that I didn’t choose this life, it chose me. This platform comes with so many responsibilities and I’m honored to have been chosen to do what I do but if I’m being fully transparent, it’s hard! So I thank God for keeping me thus far.

  1. What advice would you offer women wanting to be like you and make a difference?

Be yourself! You can’t be anyone else but you! What you have to offer is completely different from someone you see doing the same thing you do! No matter how you look at it, there will always be someone smarter, prettier, stronger, richer, slimmer, and wiser (the list goes on) than you. But the difference between them and you is YOU! When we compare ourselves to others, we begin to strip away parts of our identity, or what makes us unique. Don’t follow people; follow God! He will take you further than any person ever will.


I’m stronger with her. Though she is a singer, her biggest ministry is a “silent ministry.” She doesn’t have to speak to inspire you and she doesn’t have to sing to change your life. Stand from a far, take a glance in her life and you will learn so much. Her character speaks so well on her behalf. What should you look out for? Well, I heard through the grapevine (Irventz’s Facebook page) that they are writing their first BOOK!

Here is to your book signing at Barnes & Noble Anne,

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