Joel Delince – Stronger With Him

No other man can walk in Joel’s shoes. Sometimes, while he sleeps, I just stare at him… yup,  you guessed it. (Wink-wink!) The story before I liked him … We were friends, really good friends actually. We attended the same university, the same church, and we lived a few blocks from each other. Our commutes... Continue Reading →

Jeff Lindor – Stronger With Him

Our culture seems to have tolerated the world just as we found it. Few people have dared to face that lion and bring about reform. Jeff is one of the few. Wherever he is, there are no stones left unturned. He unsettles the dust. He has always been someone who cared for the community. All... Continue Reading →

Pierre Azor – Stronger With Him

Being the firstborn of a family, there are a plethora of burdens and obligations that one is imposed to carry. Being both a sibling and a parent to your siblings becomes an inevitable side effect. Firstly, you are more susceptible to your parents’ tough discipline. Then, there is the burden of going places because you have... Continue Reading →

James Holly – Stronger With Him

I first met James at a revival where he preached a sermon titled, “Stand Out, Don’t Fit In!” I must say that he lives up to that phrase. Not long after that, he became a member at my church and some time after, was elevated to Assistant Pastor. The first time we went out to... Continue Reading →

Yves Pierre – Stronger With Him

In the epoch of the exposures of pastor’s scandalous and reprehensible reputations, Yves Pierre upholds an unsullied reputation. Seventeen years ago, I walked into this church and never walked out. He managed to plant a church and for over 40 years, has been serving hundreds of people in Brooklyn NY. (Kudos!) He created a space... Continue Reading →

Duvenky Azzure – Stronger With Him

Azzure is a TERROR; let’s start with that. Growing up with him, he terrorized his siblings and I, like that time he put a live horseshoe crab under my bed while I was sleeping; or that time he swallowed a goldfish alive. Come to think of it, we would have it no other way. Without... Continue Reading →

Irventz Garçon – Stronger with Him

Catch Irventz on “Love Talks with the Garçons” co-starring his wife Anne, as they bring us behind the scenes of their marriage while giving advice, support, and hope. We all can agree that marriage is a tour de force. It requires lots of mental and emotional effort in order to cultivate a healthy one. Our... Continue Reading →

Renaldo Connor Jr. – Stronger With Him

I’ve had the privilege of changing his diapers and a greater privilege of bossing him around, just a tad. Renaldo Jr. is a little brother who could very well be granted the Big Brother Award. From the early age of 3, we discovered that he didn’t carry the “selfish” trait. If he went to the... Continue Reading →

Stronger with Him

For an evolved society so fascinated by and invested in progress, I find it contradictory that we’ve become a populous that have lost… our men. For far too long, we have suffered a shortage of good quality men. There is this disequilibrium, a higher demand than supply of good-mannered and natured men. But ladies, I... Continue Reading →

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