Duvenky Azzure – Stronger With Him

Azzure is a TERROR; let’s start with that. Growing up with him, he terrorized his siblings and I, like that time he put a live horseshoe crab under my bed while I was sleeping; or that time he swallowed a goldfish alive. Come to think of it, we would have it no other way. Without him we would have had a boring childhood. He is the life of the party and a true daredevil. In 2011 he became part of the statistics of young black physician assistants in his graduating class. He was practicing medicine concurrently with teaching anatomy at Downstate University. As if that isn’t enough, he is licensed in a Fortune 1000 Company. Presently, he has his own Real Estate Company. 32 years old with multiple achievements and yet he says he has barely scratched the surface.

Here goes my virtual interview with Azzure:

When did you discover what you wanted to do in life?
In high school

What daily discipline do you feel have contributed most to your success?
Waking up at 5am daily, reading 10 pages daily of self improvement books.

What mistakes have you made that was pivotal in your success?
I don’t believe I made any mistakes, I learned a lot of lessons

What hope do you have for younger black men growing in America?
I hope that we’re more aware of our past, we have more access to our history than ever before. Additionally that we would believe in working and supporting one another

Who has influenced you the most?
My dad, I watched that man work 7 days a week growing up to provide for me and my family, I watch him out his entire family on his back to provide them with better opportunities. I’m forever grateful for him

What decorum would you advise someone to have when it comes to money?
Take some classes on money management, learn all possible aspects of financial services, credit and real estate

When is breaking the rules okay?
Rules were meant to be broken. Nobody becomes great by following the rules.

50 years from now, what imprints do you hope to leave on this world?
Being intentional about passing on generational wealth, and changing the narrative of what’s possible for a young black man in America

We are stronger with him as he teaches us that there is much unclaimed success – so go after them. Don’t settle for a room when you can own the whole house. You want a seat at the table… you must first enter the building. He also ingrains the motto of leaving checks for your family and not bills. What you do today will determine what inheritance you leave behind.
Cheers to a Legacy of Billions!

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