Gérald Deliscar Jourdan – Stronger with Him

Lycée Polyvalent des Iles du Nord is where we crossed paths. Gérald walked in the class… a class with only ladies. We thought he was lost when he walked in but it turned out he wasn’t. Unbothered, he matriculated in the nursing program. At the time, nearly 20 years ago, his quest struck me as odd. It wasn’t common for men to pursue nursing. Yet, his bravery set in motion a courage in me that I never had: go after that thing – whatever that thing may be. I’m sure people criticized or ridiculed him for his decision, but he remained undaunted regardless of it all. I’ve witnessed his hard work as he excelled in the program. His pursuit was and continues to be inspiring.
Here goes my virtual interview with Gerald:
  1. Name a mistake/decision that you don’t regret making?
    From every mistakes I’ve made, I’ve always learn from them.
  2. What qualities do you look for in the people you hang out with?
    The person’s visions, their loyalty in friendship and how they carry themselves.
  3. Who has influenced you the most and how?
    Madiba-Nelson Mandela and the History of Slavery have influenced me the most. It reminds me there is a better tomorrow in this World. When in fights, you might lose some and win some, but never give up. Everyone of us may not be equally strong but we should never give up. Some doors might be closed for you but continue knocking, this lock must break one day.
  4. When is breaking the rules okay?
    Depends on the situations…. Don’t break rules…. a vos risque et périls.
  5. How do you approach the unknown?
    I’m straight, so I mostly greet the unknown first and see how the unknown reacts.
  6. What values are you committed to?
    Loyalty! I’m very loyal to what ever I have
  7. What hope do you have for younger black men growing up in America?
    The hope I have for young black men is that one day America will be truly united.
    I’m not from America but I’m black, I ‘d like to see black men and women succeed in life.
We’re stronger with him as we can glean from his unflinching endeavor. Don’t be disinclined to attain something because it is unpopular. Go against the current! Be determined about what you want in life! It always pays off!
Cheers to a Legacy of Boldness!
Visit him in Saint Martin FWI


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