Stronger with Him

For an evolved society so fascinated by and invested in progress, I find it contradictory that we’ve become a populous that have lost… our men. For far too long, we have suffered a shortage of good quality men. There is this disequilibrium, a higher demand than supply of good-mannered and natured men. But ladies, I wonder if our words, our candidness, our aggression, and even our “self-sufficient selves” have been the petrol that fuels this fire.
If I may be frank, what point is there for a man to step up if we’ve already stepped up?  What point is there in having our husbands help us haul groceries inside if we are “strong women?” What point is there for men to not be “absent” when we “don’t need a man?” The belief of not needing a man is a myth in my opinion. Men are NEEDED, urgently needed.
Now ladies, I’m not saying you are the problem. I sense I need to be clear on that. For the rest of the month, I’m asking you to change your perspective and shower our men with love; more love than they can handle. And by love, I mean the respect due them. Interestingly enough, respect is synonymous with admire. To respect our men is to esteem them for their abilities and achievements.
Our society has deprived men of their indispensable need to function. A baby needs food to thrive. Women, we need affection. Men, they need admiration. “I’m so proud of you.” “You’ve got this! I know you can do it.”  “You are a force to be reckoned with.” It is TIME… time to raise the value of our men and to build them up. I reckon that if we were to raise the value of men, they would raise their standards, which would in sequence cause more fathers at home, better husbands, greater leaders and even a lower divorce rate. It’s time to consider and deem them strong enough, wise enough, and knowledgeable enough. Men need to know that we need them. Truth be told, we NEED men. This is how God designed it. God didn’t design us to be self-sufficient.
This is the birth of #StrongerWithHim. I intend to use this platform for this upcoming month to bring the spotlight on 15 men who have raised the bar for all men in our community; men who are worthy to be admired. Hoping that you, my dear reader, will find good things in the lives of the men in your life. #OurMenMatter. Our men matter FOREVER!

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