Gaspard Delince – Stronger With Him

First impression: “Oh man!” His stern personality would give you the jitters. He was a stern man. He was the no bullsh*t kind of guy. His candidness was one for the books. I recall the first time he approved something I did. It felt so good to be approved by him.  Yet, to sum him up in one word, it would be benevolent. He had a storage filled with compassion and benignity. He didn’t have much but what he did have was more than enough for everyone.

The considerable amount of wisdom this man had in his lifetime would be likened to that of 300 men. No exaggeration! He had a story for EVERYTHING. How he loved and cared for people will forever be engraved on the hearts of many. There was nothing that he wouldn’t do for his family and friends. Though he was my boyfriend’s dad, he was my dad as well. I too, called him Pop. What I miss the most, our talks and his jokes. They were corny but they did the job because they brought laughter and happiness. He was a gift that I wish everyone had.

I recall… our fond moments together… going fishing, our talks, playing board games. I also remember when I cut a chunk of my thumb off… he was the first person we called… I recall his selflessness!

How can he, someone who is no longer with us, inspire you? Leave a legacy of love. Give your best to the people around you. He taught me munificence, give and give big. It’s not how we start but how we end.

RIP Pop!
Miss you



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