Yves Pierre – Stronger With Him

In the epoch of the exposures of pastor’s scandalous and reprehensible reputations, Yves Pierre upholds an unsullied reputation. Seventeen years ago, I walked into this church and never walked out. He managed to plant a church and for over 40 years, has been serving hundreds of people in Brooklyn NY. (Kudos!) He created a space where it is home for friendships to be cultivated, and putatively a place to find love. Might I add a rare hobby for a Haitian man, he speaks German.  Holding a pastoral seat is no simple feat. He serves as pastor, intercessor, teacher, therapist, and counselor … to no end. He is wedded to a powerhouse, Winnie, Est 1975! Together, they raised three successful and reputable children. (… and you know what they say about Pastors’ kids…).
Here goes my virtual interview with Yves:

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

I would like that the Gospel of Jesus Christ that I have been preaching for so many years transcends lives, transforms and changes lives. And when people look behind them, they can have a good reflection of their future lives.

Who has influenced you the most and how?

My wife Winnie has influenced me the most in my life. In many occasions she has made into practice her academic knowledge in order for me to express myself the best way possible to the church, to the public and to the community.

What is the best way to help someone? 

In order to help someone you need to know the needs of the person. To know the needs of the person you have to pay good attention to what the person is telling you. It may require some time to plan and to give instructions. It is important to make sure that the person follows all the directions needed to be successful.

How was the way you raised daughters different from the way you raised your son?

I might have been prejudiced in a sense. Stereotypically, my daughters were more attached to their mother and my son was with me most of the time. My wife and I were definitely tougher on Cindy and Miriam more than Jeremy. We set some restrictions for the girls that we didn’t set for him because we didn’t want them to be improperly influenced by their friends. We were also more protective for the girls. I also believe we gave the girls more attention. As for Cindy, our eldest, we were the toughest on her.

If you were to advise someone in the matters of money, what foundation would you lay for them?
Money is good… but money is not the answer to everything. Money doesn’t have any good means if there is no good reason to spend it. What good is money if you can’t spend it? Don’t spend money foolishly, have a reason and cause to spend it. Be careful not to attach to it too much. But make sure you use it in the best way possible.

What has age taught you?

“l’age amene la raison” –  With age you acquire more wisdom. Over the years, I have learned to study more. I have acquired more knowledge and I have become wise somehow. The fact that I’m getting older I have a better understanding of people through communication which helps me to have a better relationship with them.

What hope do you have for younger black men growing up in America?

I hope they obtain a solid foundation in education and that each of them has an objective. I also hope they have determination to achieve their pursuit. As a society, there must be integration because every black man is needed. Hope they also serve the needs of the American people.


We are stronger with him, his family, my family, the church, and the community at large. His humility and meekness are two of his greatest attributes. He goes against the grain, serving the community with no strings attached.


Visit him at Church of Lord in Brooklyn NY

Cheers to a Legacy of Virtue!


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  1. Spending 34 years in Church of Lord & having Pastor Yves Pierre along with his wife: Pastor Winnie, was a real blessing to me in several aspects of my life. Eventhough I now live in a different State, I always feel welcomed when ever I visit Church of Lord. It’s like beeing home away from home. Pastor Yves & Pastor Winnie, I love you both, and thank you for your friendship & suppot while I was under your covering. May God continue to bless you & your family. From Sr Ginette with lots of Love & Gratitudes. ❤

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