Dear Privileged Woman

Dear Privileged Woman,  I know it's been out for debate whether you are a woman of privilege or not.  I know that you are unaware of my fellow Black Women's struggle.  I know... I don't fault you for it.  It isn't fair to call you ignorant for not knowing. But as of yesterday, I want you to open... Continue Reading →

The Double Sided Story

The Double Sided Story As authors or fiction tellers, we hold the pen to a world of outcomes and possibilities. We get to tell the story how we want it to be told. Yet, the reader can interpret the story differently. In life, people often retell a story from their vantage point. Hence the adage,... Continue Reading →

Pocketing from our Pain

Pocketing off our Pain I’m in a quandary. Should I just scream? Should I cry? Should I write? Should I and more should I’s… I have so much to say but… but nothing seems to come out... … … … We are in a depth of despair. We seem to forget our frailty. We lose... Continue Reading →

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