Dear New Year – New Me Girl

Dear New Year – New Me Girl,

If you think creating a slogan “New Year, New Me” is going to make “IT” happen, you are in for a rude awakening – it’s not going to happen. 

Let’s reason a bit, does the New Year have power of attorney over you? Have you given them the executorship – Appointed the year to carry out and perform all of your resolutions. 

It is not a day or a time – It is YOU – You get to metamorphosis into the New YOU.

How many years have you been going through the same cycle? What happened the last time it was January 1st? By the time March hits, aren’t you back to the Old Year, Old Girl? Realistically, you are probably going to remain the old way by the following year. Believe you me, it is more comfortable. 

Listen, I’m not patronizing you, I promise! I’m talking from experience. Rather than being a victor, I was a victim of the New Year New Me Syndrome. It is a GIMMICK!

We say no more! Every day is a new day for a new you. Yesterday was as much of an opportunity as today to change. Treat every day as January 1st.  Set your mind and get it done!

With Love, 
From the Old Me to the Old You!

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