Dear Woman who has lost her World

Dear Woman who has lost her World,

I’m writing this letter to you Vanessa, Nathalia, Bianka and Capri Bryant because your king and princess didn’t come home yesterday. To you Alexis Altobelli who’ve lost her father, mother and sister. To the two Mausers daughter who lost their mom, to the Chester and Zobayan family who’ve lost their loved one in this tragic experience.

This letter is a speechless letter, a letter with no words, a letter of silence.


No compilation of words will ever be comforting enough. Consolation has become a scarce commodity for you. No time can ever heal the wound akin to the void and pain you will feel.

I may not share your present sentimental state or relate to this gut-wrenching torture that you are undergoing. But I’m sure of this, you have a myriad of wonderful memories to cherish forever. You will find many mementos around the house, in your dreams,  and engraved in your hearts. Smile! As you smile, May you begin to find strength to hold on and courage to carry on. Anger may fill your heart. try to smile! Though you are crying a mantle of tears, try to smile! You’ve gained angels who will watch over. Hope you smile!

To everyone woman who’ve lost their world in the form of a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a child, a close family member, a friend, a mentor, a hero … You’ve gained an angel!

You’re all in my prayers

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