Dear Woman with the Communal Vagina

Dear Woman with the Communal Vagina,

You have been intimate with ever man inquiring for the encounter. You sacrifice the most tender part of your body and vulnerability. You don’t get paid, so it is not a job for you. You cry at times, so it is not fun and enjoyable for you. I’ve just uncovered that you do it to mask your hurt, escape your loneliness, bury your shame, defeat your depression and obtain relief. You’ve become addicted to escaping pain… even if it is just for a couple of minutes. While all of these issues are mortifying for you, here we are humiliating, lambasting and condemning you. Ironically, our cruel and bitter criticism are pushing you to run to another man to help cope with our hatefulness. I address this letter to you in this name because this highly sensitive society have yet to stop discriminating against you. I write to you on the behalf of this society.

We’re sorry. We regret that we’ve judged you instead of praying for you. We regret that we’ve shunned you rather than being your friend. We regret not teaching you how to cope differently. We regret pointing our fingers at you. We regret the name calling. We regret it all. We are regretfully sorry.

You know, you don’t have to have this lifestyle anymore. Gain your confidence, reclaim your dignity, build your self-worth. Cultivate a better, healthy, stronger you.

We love you

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