Dear Cheating Wife

Dear Cheating Wife,

It used to be a myth that only men cheat. You’ve completely debunked this tale. Adhering to the unembellished facts, women cheat all the more and even more devastating than men can. Your husband doesn’t deserve this, no matter WHAT he did to you. I’m sending you this letter to request you to reconsider your desires and motives: vengeance, to escape the boredom, an enraged libido or simply being a proud opportunist. This new “hobby” of yours is going to destroy you, not physically (actually it has the potency to). Rather than remaining in a relationship formed out of deceit and betrayal, communicate your sentiments. You are welcome to go to counseling, separate, fast or whatever but cheating is not it. Resist the temptation to find yourself in another man’s arms or bed and cease from flirting with them. Honor your covenant, respect yourself and guard your dignity. Be a better you!


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