Dear Woman with Addiction

Dear Woman with the Addiction,

We are entering a judgment free zone. EVERY woman has an addiction, every single one of us. Most of us choose to be in denial of this addiction’s existence and dominion. In the meantime, it is deteriorating our motherly instincts, our nurturing nature and our self-care reflexes. It brings us to a frontier of selfishness. And selfishness in and of itself spoils a woman’s blueprint. Addiction is a virus, a silent killer. Whether it be, shopping, sex, money, food, power, drugs, gambling, craving for people’s approval, it is there. No matter now mundane they may be, none of them are healthy. Don’t be in denial and don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Overcome it before it overpowers you.

P.s. I’m heading to Zara right now… perhaps, I should take my own advice and resist Zara. Hello, my name is Tulip and I’m shopaholic.


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