Dear Pastor’s wife

Dear Pastor’s wife,

Working in tandem with your husband have gotten you prestige and an avalanche of grief. Perhaps you wish you could get a do-over just to acquire peace of mind and be safeguarded from gossip and acrimony. The congregation seems to have a lot to say about the length of your dress, the tightness of your jeans, your hat, your children’s hidden secrets, your lipstick, even down to the color of your nail polish. Yet, there are those who wish they could replace you, as though you were so easily replaceable – wife, a mother, a christian, a minister, friend, a first lady but mostly the last lady. You have to bear your cross, husband’s and the cross of the whole congregants’. These are some holy and super hole-y shoes that you wear. While judgment flood your timeline, you are more of an inspiration than you think. All your sacrifices aren’t in vain. All you’ve endured aren’t fruitfulness. Keep sowing! Keep inspiring! Keep praying!


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