Dear Angry Black woman

Dear Angry Black Woman,

In this culture you have two things that are fighting against you – “Black” and “woman.” You are a woman, some view you less than and some view you as a threat. Two, you are an African American, some view you as a melaninnaire, opulent with melanin and armored with resilience. Yet some view you as a threat, a menace to society at large.

Angry. Black. Woman. Threat! Threat! Threat!  Everyone’s radar has an alert when you enter the room, the whispers, “hostile” “aggressive” “overbearing” “obnoxious” “ignorant” “Get out” “Avoid.”

I’m not sure what’s antagonizing you … but I will say this, you can destroy this stigma and rewrite the narratives. You don’t have to be angry and loud to express yourself. You don’t have to voice your passion with a belligerent tone. You can be assertive and yet remain good-tempered and serene.


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  1. Great post. I have to say I don’t think it’s that black women are angry. I think it’s just stereotypes that society uses as a way to antagonize and gaslight black women. Black women aren’t always angry but if they are, I’d say we have a right to be, living in a society that ignores and constantly backlash us. Calling black women angry is their way of trying to silence them IMO. I’ve heard that some black women when they get genuinely upset, try not to show it in order to not be stereotyped as the angry black women. Instead of saying to not speak in an angry tone, I’d say you have the right to express yourself whenever you’re being treated unfairly.
    Anyways I’m writing too much. It’s like I’m writing a whole post under your post. I just had some thoughts on this topic and I’m glad to see you talk about it.

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    1. Truly appreciate your comment. You have a valid point. Sometimes… you know it is not what is said but how it is said. Unfortunately, much of our passion is viewed as a temper but there are those times where we do blow things out of proportion. Totally agree with, “you have the right to express yourself whenever you’re being treated unfairly.” Many thanks 🙂


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