Dear Feminist

Dear Feminist, 

Feminism has been converted to more of a “trend” and “brand” than a movement. To the movement, kudos! To the brand, who profess no need for a man, I’m not taking shots, just food for thought:

Do you really want equal rights with men? Do you want to do exactly what they can do? Do you want to change your own tires and change the oil in your car? Do you want to go downstairs to confront the burglar while you leave your husband to continue to sleep? Are you ready to be drafted to go to war?

Have you thought about this in its entirety? DON’T THROW THE MAN AWAY!


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2 thoughts on “Dear Feminist

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  1. I definitely agree that modern feminism has become more of a trend than a movement. I think that the first wave of feminism was done for a more important purpose. While Feminism nowadays is used mostly as a way to bash men. The first wave was important in creating equal rights for everyone. Saying you don’t want equal rights to a man is saying that you don’t want to be paid the same amount of money as a man for the same job. It’s like saying that you don’t want to have a choice in choosing your president. The right usage of feminism is important. There isn’t anything wrong with being treated as equals as long as both genders respect each other and are still aware of their differences, i.e most men are physically stronger than most women but that doesn’t mean women should be treated with equal respect. What do you think?

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    1. I agree. The objective of feminism was to establish common ground where men and women would have equal RIGHTS. This modern day feminism has totally shifted things. I think it is imperative that men and women are respected equally. Thank you for the comment. Well said.


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