Dear Rachel

Dear Rachel,

You are the pretty one. The one that causes men to say, “daaaaaaaaannng” when you pass by. If any woman knows how it feels to be tremendously loved by a man, you are that woman. Jacob willing to give you the World. His love for you compelled him to give you the best. Even at the expense of his life. The man worked 21 years for you despite your father’s betrayal. Loving you cost him and he paid in full. Now in the middle of the marriage you are left unhappy and not fully satisfied. While Leah is envious of what you have, you overlook what you have and yearn for something else.

Wow! Most women would do their utmost to procure the love that Jacob had for you.

Despite the fact you had all his love, you were miserable, seethed with resentment and jealousy… jealous of whom? You are jealous of Leah, the ugly one because she can bare children but you can’t. You are enduring a battle with infertility. It seemed that wanting a child was far greater than Jacob’s sacrifice for you.

Modern day Rachel, you have so much yet you feel like you have so little. You have what every woman wants and yet you remain distressed. Instead of rejoicing over what you have, you are lamenting over what you don’t have. Not going to say that you are wrong or ungrateful. Can’t say I understand your heartache. “Be content with what you have” may seem ruthless or insensitive considering your brokenness and infertility. To that I say, keep hope alive. Enjoy your current blessing. More blessings are on their way. In time God will bless you with Joseph and Benjamin.

Strongly together & Inspired by,


Is this “your story?” Can you identify with Rachel? Do you empathize with her? Is her issue your issue? Here is the call to action: Share this post to help other women who need this. Please, use the hashtags #MyStoryIsInTheBible #IAmRachel

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