In Remembrance of Her

Life comes with lemons, lemons with the most pits and the sourest lemon at that. The ones that are too lemony to make lemonade. Then, life comes with two kinds of surprises. We get those that put a smile on our faces and those that can break our hearts. For the most part, life is a box of unfamiliar and assorted chocolate. You just never know which one you might like. But the best part of life is that it comes with people. Together we form some great human connections. In virtue of them, we build remarkable memories. Some captured by cameras and others are treasured in our hearts.

My last words to her were, “You know that I love you right?” Unable to mutter a word she replied, “Uh huh!” That was Sunday, August 4th 2013. If I perceived this would have been the last words I would ever say to her, I would have changed my choices of words to, “Mommie, I love you soooo much.” Followed by a list of words of gratitude to her.

I was her first child. Her motherhood trial and error was executed on me. Sleepless nights, probably gently begging me to, “sleep, please!” The hormonal imbalances, throwing up on her, excess amount of diaper changes and the list goes on. I have so many memoirs:

People asking us if we were sisters because we were always joking around
Planning crazy surprise ideas for daddy
Making elaborated Sunday dinners
Her teaching me how to wink … epic fail!
Spending our Saturdays watching Lifetime movies
Watching and trying to solve the “Unsolved Mysteries” on Lifetime

Oh! How I miss her.

If knowing when our loved ones were going to breathe their last would change the way we treat them, then, we have done them a great deal of injustice. See, “paying homage” is meaningless. There is no value to the saying or the action. There isn’t any value in making sacrifice for someone who is no longer alive.  Wistfully, sometimes the appraisal of people seems to be higher when they leave the world. That is when we tell them, “I will make you proud.” That’s when we want to make sacrifices for them. The worth of a person is when they are alive, not when they are gone.

So my admonishment to you goes as follows: Never miss an opportunity to tell those you love how much you love them. Since both action and word have a voice, never let your action be silent. Don’t leave room for them to wonder or question your love. Show them. Tell them. Be there for them. Listen to them. Pray for them. Love them. Love them hard. If you lost any of them, remember them.


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