Comparison Cripples Creativity

“Stop comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle” Trent Shelton

Growing up as a little girl, I was always being compared with my peers. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another. I just wasn’t good enough. I hated it! I wanted to be me and me alone. I had numerous internal battles because I was searching for myself in an environment that was comparing me with others. I wasn’t meant to be someone else but me. I am my own person. I couldn’t live up to the standards of my peers.

Ever had a person compare you with someone? I never liked to be compared with others. Measuring up people is a destructive habit. It cripples one’s creativity. Give the person room to be their own self. That will allow the people to be creative in their own manner.

One vital prescription to cultivating a healthy relationship is to NEVER compare your new beau with your last beau.

We all have our own life to live. From time to time, people will say, you can learn from someone else’s mistake. That is absolutely true. But you know what, sometimes, we have to let people make their own mistakes too. Your life is not my life and my life is not your life. Measuring up myself to others is detrimental. Every person has his or her own individuality. That has to be nurtured.

We all don’t have the same destinations. We all don’t have the same destinies.
We all wont get on the same roads. We all won’t encounter the same roadblocks.
We all won’t make the same sacrifices. We all won’t have the same setbacks.
We all aren’t at the same Start off Line. Therefore all of us can’t be juxtaposed.

Quit comparing yourself to others. If you are a twin, even then your total existence will not be comparable. Don’t surround yourself with those who will liken you to others. Embrace who YOU are with all your flaws and flairs. Follow YOUR dreams. Life is short. As the clock is ticking, add value to your life by being who you were meant to be.

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  1. I believe that if people took the time out to value themselves and esteem themselves, to truly look at themselves the way God saw them, comparisons would stop. More praise would occur, and I believe that people would generally be more happy.


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