This Jealousy thing is REAL

Jealousy is actually a thing… something that is actually ongoing and causing rot in our World. While people should be happy for other’s accomplishments, some find themselves hungered and angered for that success. Many women manage to forge the happiness they “have” for others. They are both envious and jealous.

A jealous friend is like a spoiled avocado. The outside looks good. When you touch it is firm but not too firm. It feels just right. It looks well ripped and ready to satisfy your appetite. But, upon cutting it, you discover that it is rotten. Your expectation of finding it yellow in the middle with a light green hue in the border and tastingly delicious is unmet. We only know what the friend wants us to know. We can’t detect the condition of our friend’s heart until it is exposed, cut out in the open, figuratively.

Our achievement and success reveal our friends’ deepest and entombed secrets. That’s when we see that this friend isn’t genuinely happy for us. It is then we are discovering the hatred that lies in this person regarding us. Nothing you do is ever good enough for them. No sacrifice is ever enough. No amount of love you give them is ever enough. Simply because they are not happy because you got engaged, you got the job, you got promoted, you got accepted into your dream school. It is sad but true.

But then again, there is jealousy at its worst.

When your friend is jealous about something that you have but yet they have it too. They are resentful that you got promoted and yet they got promoted before you. They are not happy that you got engaged, yet they were engaged before you. When you just got a baby but they had a baby last year. When you and her are going to graduate together in the same school in the same year. They want to be the only one succeeding, and if others are succeeding with them, they feel like the spotlight is not on them. The existence of jealousy in one’s life is, after all, a confirmation that they haven’t accept who they are, what they have and what they did in life.

Can we really call ourselves someone’s friend, if her happiness births in us animosity? Can we really call ourselves someone’s friend if the friend’s success is the cause to bring enmity between us? Certainly not

Then what is the root of this jealousy? What seed have we planted to germinate into this tree of death? This unstable emotion is consolidated and extending from fear of abandonment. Jealousy is far more malignant than we deem. It can be fatal.

BEWARE of the jealousy people in your life. Possibly you may need to cut the umbilical cord. The relationship is improperly balanced and unstable. You need a friend who is going to cry with you when you are crying and rejoice with you when you are rejoicing. If this is not the case, it is a matter time where you will be stressed out

Nevertheless, it maybe you who are the jealous one and you are having a difficult time identifying yourself as such. My dear reader, call it out for what it is. I encourage you to focus on self-care. Love yourself and accept yourself. You too are shinning. Don’t dime someone’s light because it is brighter than yours. Don’t compete for brightness. You are a star amongst stars. Shine together.

Please, leave a comment. I would love to hear how this post has inspired and will impact you. Take a minute and share with someone who could use it. Help me inspire others.

Thank you for reading.


16 thoughts on “This Jealousy thing is REAL

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  1. I always love reading your posts Rosie because they are so raw! Jealousy is indeed deadly because in reality, we are all “stronger with her.” There is never a need to block someone’s shine! Love this post to the core! 🙂

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  2. People in today’s world do not like to see other people succeed at all. Some people go through alot to get what they have, it is sad when a friend is not really happy for you. This is a great read boo.. I am happy you are writing nothing but the truth.

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  3. This was good….it’s important to be fully aware of the ppl around you and they’re intentions…thanks for the reminder. “Not everyone who smiles at you, smiles with you.” I’m grateful for my group of supporters, especially the FRINITY. They’re a blessing.


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