Urgently Needed

It is often said, “I don’t need a man… men need to step up…. Men need to take care of their responsibilities.” Whether it is true or false, that’s an argument for a different day. The belief of not needing a man is a myth in my opinion. Men are NEEDED, urgently needed.

We need men in our homes. We can’t fully do bad all by ourselves, ladies. Your son needs his father. There are some great men in this world. Men who have beat the odds. They take on the superhero title of Dad, daddy, pop, papa etc… Being a dad is of the utmost importance in a child’s life. It is complex for a mom to be a dad to her daughter. It is completely perplexed for a woman to be a father to her son. Even if you’ve arrived to the “don’t NEED a man syndrome,” your daughter needs her father. Your son needs his dad. This season, we need to comprehend the importance of men in our homes.

Boys are often facsimiles of their fathers. The fathers teach their son how to model manhood. They teach them how to stand in our community. Sons learn how to give handshakes, a strong handshake. They learn how to treat women.

Girls have a sense of entitlement when they have a dad. They are confident, bold and assertive. They are protected and safe. Any man who dares to date this girl will have a fiery furnace to go through. Her father stands as a tower for her. She is safe. But failure for that girl to not have a father is a snare for her to be exploited. Men can take advantage of her because she has no father to safeguard her. To a daughter, a father is a prototype of what she will look for in a man. Psychologically, she will start to match up any man to her dad. Her father is her number one King.

One of the most virulent form of bad parenting is when a mother talks to a child about their father being “a good for nothing… couch potato … deadbeat…” If you are no longer with the man… don’t take his children away from him. Don’t use the children, keeping them away from him as a form of revenge. Above all, don’t toxify the children towards their father. The end result of this can have a damaging effect on the father and child relationship. The children are the ones who suffer at the end.

It is time to BUILD the men in our community and not BREAK them. The time to pray for men is now. No longer will we prey on them. No longer will we slander them. We need to strengthen them. Men can be better with the encouragement of a woman. Ladies, let’s motivate them.

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  1. I do agree that men are very much needed in our families and communities. I also agree that we as women have to pray for them, motivate, them, and support them as best as we can.

    However, there are some women who have been disappointed, hurt, and/or abused by men. How would you suggest that these women move pass their negative experiences to praying for men?


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