What Do You See?

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. – Anonymous

Our eyes are a set of organs that is indispensable to having an independent life. It gives us the ability to care for others and ourselves. It gives us the ability to admire all of God’s creativity in nature. All the while it can blur the visibility of what we see and what we internalize. We can look at a tree and not see the possibility of it being reformed into paper. But, that was not the case for Cai Lun’s. His eyes didn’t see a tree. He saw the potential of the tree becoming paper. Today, he is world-renowned for inventing paper from tree bark.

The quote above has a lot of truth and wisdom to it. Grasping it can change the trajectory of our lives. When looking at things, we can’t view them for what they resemble but for what they can metamorphose into:

Water into ice
Olives into oil
Trees into paper
Grapes into wine
Clay into pottery
Cotton into clothing
Lemons into lemonade
Flowers into Perfume

When you see failure, don’t view it as defeat. Nope! That’s a stepping stone baby!

My dear reader, change your perspective from what you see with your naked eye and gaze at what it looks like under the microscope. If you settle on what you can see with your naked eye, you will never accelerate to sparking innovation. You need to see beyond what you are staring at. Everything that you’ve ever been through, had or have; failure, ex, disappointment, childhood, talents and family are all ingredients to your success. Change your perspective and increase your possibilities.

Closed Doors into possibilities
Failure into stepping-stones
Break-Up into Upgrade
Test into Testimony
Mess into Message

Open your eyes; it is all about what you see

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Thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “What Do You See?

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  1. Amen, this can’t be a coincidence that as I was in prayer this morning I asked God to help me to see things/people as they are but not what they appear to be. Your blog today was confirmation that the Holy Spirit wants to gives me a new perspective on things by sharpening my spiritual eyes. Thanks Rosebud for reminding me today that what I see is determined by the condition of my eyes….love you lots Sis ❤️

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    1. WOAH!!!! This is amazing. Im sooo grateful that God was able to use my writing to confirm something. To God be the glory. Thank you very much for being such a faithful reader. If I didn’t have any readers, my writings would be in vain. I appreciate you. Love you too sis. 🙂


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