Oooooops! Seems like I’m going to be late. I missed the train.

Have you ever seen or heard of someone’s accomplishment, you are filled with joy for them and congratulate them, Then all of the sudden a wave of sadness fills your heart. This sudden emotion is not bringing out in the open any inner jealousy or envy. It is just a reminder of the restraints, the hurdles that’s before you. I’m eager to fly with the eagles. Nevertheless, I have a broken wing that won’t let me be great. When I see other birds flying I’m happy for them but deep down inside I’m sad for myself not being able to fly.

I feel left behind. As if I missed the train going Success Bound. While butterflies are flapping their wings in the cool breeze of the spring, here I am, still in my cocoon far from metamorphism. What’s going on with me? Am I not working as hard I should? What am I doing wrong?

There are those mornings; I wake up feeling inadequate and insignificant. That’s when it is the hardest to set foot off the bed. Not wanting to go out with friends. Dreading to attend the high school reunion because you have NOTHING to show for your existence. Sinking in a deep state of depression. Then, you manage to pull forth the strength to do something. Then realize you have a bald spot on your head. A zit is staring you dead in the mirror. You just feel unimpressed. Unhappy. Unfulfilled.

Are you at this place right now? Your timeline feed is flooded with graduations pictures, job promotions, engagements, weddings and baby bumps. But you find yourself barely making it. Struggling to purchase a MetroCard to get to work.

Just writing this post is very emotional for me. It is hard and painful.

This post was written in two days. The first day I was down and discouraged and I started to put my heart on paper. Then, I cried myself to sleep. The next day, today, I woke up with hope. Hence is the title of the post:

Oooooops! Seems like I’m going to be late. I missed the train.

It is ok to be late. Don’t stress over it. Another train is coming. Be sure to be ready and at the station to hop on the train when it gets there.

See, depression comes in different shapes, sizes, seasons. Most of what we are depressed about are beyond our human control. It requires a divine intervention. That’s why there should always be a necessity to pray.

Don’t lose hope. Keep the going.
Attention passengers, there is an uptown train to Success Street approaching the station. Please stand away from the platform edge.


Please, leave a comment. I would love to hear how this post has inspired and will impact you. Take a minute and share with someone who could use it. Help me inspire others.

Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “Oooooops! Seems like I’m going to be late. I missed the train.

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  1. Hi Rosebud,

    This is truly a awesome reminder that delay is not denial. Often times we forget about the Sovereignty of God and His perfect timing that has nothing to do with ours. The reality is, there is always another train coming, the question is do we have enough courage to get on? 😙

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