If I Can Only Be Like YOU

I went to Bloomingdales and purchased Coco Chanel Mademoiselle Parfum. It smells oh soooo good. Aside from being a shoe-aholic, I am a perfume enthusiast. If a lady is going to wear that little black dress accompanied with a nice pair of shoes, she is going to need a fragrance to compliment it. That is my law for fashion. A lady should always be well dressed with perfume. I’m not talking about body sprays from Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works. I’m talking about the real stuff.

This “real stuff” often speaks louder than our personality. It silently says so much about a person’s likings. Before we’ve fully greeted someone our perfume has already been there done that. Prior to someone saying they like you, they would have already told you they like your perfume.

Perfume is like tapestry. It covers scents, unpleasant ones, natural ones and even scents of brand new clothing. There are times where someone is well dressed, hair combed and has perfume exuding off of them and unbeknownst to everyone she didn’t even shower.

In the same manner like our perfume, our talents, our jobs, our business, our husbands, our children, our accomplishments, our laurels make us look well put together. What people see are really curated bits and pieces of our lives. These “perfumes” disguise the drama that happens “backstage” and the “behind the scenes” of our lives. They don’t see the groundwork, the insecurities, the discontentment and the deficiencies that are cemented below the surface of our lives. But yet, they say to you, “If only I can be like YOU.” Meanwhile, you are googling someone else saying, “if only I can be like YOU.” There will always be a “YOU” you wished you were. There will always be a “YOU” I wished I could be.

A lady who is well put together is often placed on a pedestal. She is a goddess to few, a competition to some and a dream-girl to many. “If I can only be like her?” countless of us have inaudibly said at some point in our lives. If you ever have someone say to you, here is what the response should be, “if you only knew.”

If you only knew before I got this fiancé I was dumped and cheated on by the previous ones. If you only knew before I had this house, I was homeless, sleeping on the floor at people’s houses. If you only knew before I got this job I was jobless for nearly two years. If you only knew that my testimony came after I passed my test. If you only knew the only reason why I have a message is because God picked me up out of my mess. If you only knew these things about me would you still yearn to be me?

Jane, be the true you. Janice, be the true you. Janet, be the true. My dear reader, be yourself, the one you were meant to be.


Please, leave a comment. I would love to hear how this post has inspired and will impact you. Take a minute and share with someone who could use it. Help me inspire others.

Thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “If I Can Only Be Like YOU

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  1. As usual this post is AHMAZZZING!!!!!!!!!!! So authentic and real. I know I have wanted to be like someone else in the past.

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  2. Love it! That last paragraph was So authentic, so honest and so transparent…thank you for your continued openess. It gives us courage to be ourselves and to press onward.

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