Please Keep It

Throwing things away is quite therapeutic. It is refreshing. It is like a new start, a breath of fresh air. We throw away ripped jeans, (well… not in this era) but, old shoes, old books, leftovers. We dispose of used things and damaged things. Then… there are some things that we need that we disappointingly through away, a marriage, a job, a friend. Again, there is that one thing that we throw away because it was unanticipated, unwanted or even while unwedded. Accident! Mistake! – To keep or not to keep. Torn between the two. Decisions… decisions… decisions…

Keeping it means people will judge you, shame you, and criticize you, all the more emotionally hanging you. You become like a city with no wall. No safety from people’s judgment. You are left opened! Vulnerable! Humiliated! Disappointed! Hurt! Embarrassed! Exposed!

However, not keeping it means, FREEDOM! Really, it is more an incognito freedom. It may seems like a RELIEF! But really, it is a relief in disguise. What you actually go through is remorse to relief then relief to regret. Regretful! Traumatic! Guilty! Depression! Flashbacks! Are soon to follow. There is a remedy for this. Keep it and pray! Pray for God to send support. He will.

When a child is to come into this world, unless if God reveals to us, we will never know what will become of this child. Never! Who are you aborting? Could it be the next Billy Graham or the next John the Baptist? What if you are aborting the next Abraham Lincoln or perhaps Mother Theresa? Will you ever know?

People may never know what you did. This may turn out to be your best-kept secret. But you will remember this FOREVER. Being repeated like a broken record. You start asking yourself 21 questions. You have 99 problems and the child is all of them. Wondering if they were a boy or girl. Wondering if they would resemble you. Questions upon questions, left unanswered… forever. What if you never get pregnant after this, will you ever forgive yourself? How will you deal with the grief that will haunt you for the rest of your days? What if the man you are trying to please by aborting your child leaves you?

When my mother was 21 years old, her professor raped her. This man embezzled her innocence. Not only did he robbed her of her innocence but also of her independence, she became pregnant with me. My mom wasn’t ready for a child, it turned out that she wasn’t even interested in dating. To make matters worst, she didn’t like the man. Then, she was forced into marrying him. Back in the 80’s a woman was to marry the man who impregnated her. She married him and the marriage was awful. Before I could even learn to speak coherently he passed away. Maybe at this time, my mother could have been saturated with regret. She was now left as a young single mom. She loved me despite this. She never had an ounce of regret for keeping me. I’m grateful that she kept me. Years later she met a man, a man I would forever call daddy. He married her, adopted me and raised me as if he was my biological father. He gave us a better life.

What if my mother aborted me to shield herself from shame? I wouldn’t be here talking you out of this decision you are contemplating.

For you, maybe it was consensual; maybe it was an accident, a one-time fling. Look beyond the shame, beyond the embarrassment. I can’t promise you that life will be easy. But, I know you will make it. You will survive this. Keep it! Keep your child. You never know what life will bring. Regardless of how children come into this world, they still remain a blessing. Remember Sarai, Rachel, Manoah’s wife, Hannah, Elizabeth in the bible. Their womb was barren but they yearned to give birth. When their womb was restored, they were full of joy. Remember whom the fruit of their womb turned out to be? Isaac, Joseph, Samson, Samuel and John the Baptist.

There is greatness in your womb. Your seed is blessed. Please, don’t abort this blessing. Keep your blessing!


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Thank you for reading.

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  1. Interesting read….I definitely wasn’t expecting this type of article in your blog but it shows how willing you are to be vulnerable with your story and your experiences, and your desire to reach women in all walks of life.

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  2. I was going through your posts and somehow I missed this one blog post… not sure where I was that day! But awwww man! I have no words! You are such a blessing to this world!

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