Dear You

Dear You,

Life is more like a dystopia than utopia, imperfect rather than perfect – with injustice, grief, disease, wrath everywhere. I used to believe that everyone was living a great complication and problem-free life… except … except me. I’ve reasoned that if my problems were fixed perhaps I would be living a great life too. That thought was soon shattered by what hit me one morning. Life is an encrypted equation: people + problems = life. We ALL have something, whether we admit it or not. We are ALL battling something, whether it is buried in our closet or out in the public. Yet, we can live life to the full if we can cope with our “it” the right way.

To the woman who never been loved and is willing to do anything for it – You don’t need to work for love. You don’t have to earn it. You don’t have to seek it. Love is free! You are loved.

To the woman that battles with low self-esteem, the one who is the approval addict, feeding of people’s acceptance – It is time for YOU to speak life over yourself. Don’t be defined by what people think or feel about you. Don’t be validated by people’s words.

To the woman whose been abused; verbally, emotionally, sexually – always covering up something. If it is not a bruised, it’s a scar or it’s the abuser. You have been plagued with trauma and turmoil for too long. It stops today. You deserve better. Find freedom!

To the woman who is afraid of getting out of bed because of shame and embarrassment – You have this constant feeling of inadequacy and unworthiness. Living in infamy won’t solve your problem. Avoid those who constantly trying to dig out bones that you’ve already buried (figuratively: the things that you’ve already dealt with.)

To the woman who has been hurt by church, not the building, but the people in the church, remember this, it wasn’t God who hurt you. If you intend on leaving the church, see to it that you don’t leave God in the process.

To the woman who feels like she has nothing too offer but her body – You’re more than your body. You are a woman of worth impregnated with purpose.

To the woman who’ve been drenched in your loneliness – the people who walked out of your life was seasonal. Not everyone that you planted in your life is perennial. Appreciate those who left and love on those who stayed. Better is on the way.

To the woman whose sister in law doesn’t approve of you, they don’t like you, they don’t care for you, make the best of life. Love them no matter what.

To the woman who is incarcerated by your past – There is a way out. The master key is, Everyone has a past. I’m sure yours ain’t that bad. “God esteems you highly” and that’s all that matters. Use this key and unlock the door. Get out, be free from the handcuffs of humiliation and let the Sonlight shine on you.

To the woman who feels she had to step up to be a man because she never had one. Good men exist. Don’t go looking for a man. Position yourself for good man to find you. You can never fully wear a man’s shoe the right way. You were made for stilettos.

To the woman who has been talked about and bullied – consider the good that people have said and not the negative. Don’t be succumbed to people’s rash judgment of you. Do what makes you happy.

To the woman who has been discarded by him, the one you would have given your all for. When the old leaves, it makes room for the new. God has a way of lifting those that people have stumped on.

To the woman who feels unworthy because everyone knows, who, what, where and how things happened – All you hear is their voices whispering obscene things about you. You are witnessing them pointing their fingers at you. It is time to overcome the paralysis of what you did. Turn away from that, forgive yourself. Put on some headphones one, change what you listen to.

To you… Whoever you may be, successful or struggling, broken or whole, vulnerable or strong, invincible or invisible, educated or illiterate, you are full of worth, full of purpose and full of power. You may not be able to amend the story that is already written but you can control how the story ends. You can ameliorate the trajectory of your life. Change the narrative! Do it. Your past’s purpose is to push you to pursue being a better you. Don’t be intimidated by the stigma and the baggage that you’ve been carrying for so long. Overcome your bondage. Embrace your scar. Love yourself above all else!



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