Dear B!@#$%

Dear B!@#$%

We ALL have been called that at least once in our lifetime, behind our backs, in someone’s thoughts, in public, on television and even in church. It comes in many forms, to vilify and demean women and at times it serves as a term of endearment. Be that as it may, cover all facets, let this is be the LAST time someone call you that. I find it quite perturb that we’ve lost our sound judgement to accept such derogatory and vulgar word be a noun that we identity with or answer to. My beautiful woman, it is not ACCEPTABLE to be called a female dog (literally, jokingly or affectionately) – Bad B!@#$%, Good B!@#$%, Nasty B!@#$%, Perfect B!@#$%, no matter the adjective you adjoin it with, it still remain repulsive.


Don’t accept it. Don’t answer to it and surely don’t call another woman that. There isn’t a scarcity of wonderful nouns and adjectives for us “socialize with.” Woman, you are tenacious, resilient, courageous, assertive, glamorous, inventive, quick-witted, versatile and the like. You have worked too hard to be where you are today. Don’t let anyone belittle and depreciate you. All this name-calling doing is injuring our dignity, self-respect and esteem. Little by little, it will cripple our community and may even guarantee keeping our women marginalized. Let’s change the narratives.

I Love you



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