Dear Younger me

Dear younger me,

Outrightly, you are a force. I mean it. Like a wind. You are a force.


Invisible! Yup, you will be invisible for years. People won’t be cognizant of your existence. No one will want to be your friend. You will be an unmitigated disaster. You will be taunted rather than you being the taunter. Use that invisibility to amass sagacity.

Unscented! Whether it is because of no breast, no thigh, you will not be what society and the media classify as drop dead gorgeous. Flat chested, no hair and a nose that will affect your face rather than being a beauty mark. But bear in mind this, beauty comes from within. Make sure “within” is pure and authentic.


Powerful you are! You will defy the odds and you will trend set. You will have power, you will have strength and you will have influence. You will be impregnated with so much proficiency. Master them all!

Destructive! Get out your way! Your inner-Me, your weakness, your strength, they will all conspire to reduce you to inutile fragments. So, get out of your way.

I love you, ALWAYS!

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