Dear Esther

Dear Esther
Your prayer is going to save the Nation, so start praying”
[[Based on True Story: Book of Esther]

Like Ruth, you are of a woman who have her own book and named after her. You go girl, that is quite noteworthy. Oddly enough, your book starts off with your husband’s ex-wife. They stripped her of the crown because of her defiance to the King. How does it feel to be the second wife? Must have been nerve-racking for you, afraid transgress like Vashti.

I am absolutely impressed with your narrative! RARELY do you see Queen in CHARGE. You changed this narrative. You had grace, something Vashti didn’t acquire. You had compassion for your people. You knew where your strength lied, on your knees. You understood though you were Queen, that didn’t guarantee you favor with your husband. So you fasted and asked the people to fast with you. You saved a WHOLE nation.

Dear modern day Esther, you were so many shoes, you are the single mother, the woman in politics, the only child in the family, you are the 2nd wife, you are the step mother, your husband was hit with a child support from a previous relationship, your child is battling an illness. You wear an enormous weight for your position. You cry at night because your family is in dire need and they depend on YOU. It is time to fast to medicate the condition of your family, of your home, of your country and even of the nation. The kryptonite of every woman is their lack of prayer. Don’t think for one minute your degree, your beauty, your body, your name, your “you know what” can grant you favor in high places. Today, we decree prayer in your situation. The time to pray is upon you. Pray and change the World.


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