Dear Jezebel

Dear Jezebel
“Use your bravery for positivity”
[[Based on True Story: Book of Kings]]

To be honest, I never thought I would be writing you. We are taught to avoid you by ALL means necessary. Here I am closing the series and the year with “Dear Jezebel.” You’re the most notorious woman in the bible. You were a prostitute and a killer – killing prophets and sleeping around with many men. To me, you were Don Jezebel (a powerful mafia leader) of your era. You were and is still remembered as the Old Testament Female Thug. People knew not to mess with you.

Powerful men of God were terrified by you. You’ve raised fear in one of the most influential men in the Old Testament, in Elijah, causing him to tremble and hide. Though God was using him, you still managed to make him afraid of you. You were utterly a daring, audacious woman.

Contrary to popular belief, you are inspiring … (oh goodness). Your boldness is inspiring. Too many women are walking in the shadow because they are afraid to be in the light. They are afraid to stand for what they believe in. They are afraid to speak up. But you, you’ve harnessed your bravery. You stood for what you believed in and weren’t afraid to profess it.

Modern day Jezebel, turn away from your wicked ways. Stop killing the men of God. Stop threatening men and leading them to worship false gods. Stop seducing married men. Stop tarnishing the character and integrity of the World’s most powerful leaders. Stop setting traps for men and intimidating them. Use the power you have to build strong men and not to weaken them. Use the radicalness you have to build the Kingdom of God and not to destroy it. If you can use the same boldness and fearlessness you have towards positivity, I reckon the world will be a better place. Go and change the world.


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