Dear Potiphar’s Wife

Dear Potiphar’s wife
“Be faithful – be honest.”
[[Based on a True Story: Genesis 39]]


Dear Potiphar’s wife,

I must say that you are certainly persistent. Though that persistence was for ill purposes, it is still admired. You are the type that will do whatever it takes to get your way. The ones who will do illegal things to assure you are on top. You falsely accused an innocent man of attempting to sexual assault you. That’s cruel. How could you lie on Joseph, a blameless man? You know, they could have killed him for this.

I wondered how you could be this cruel. I started to discover some underlying issues in your life, neglect, loneliness, jealousy and insecurity. You’re married and lonely. That got to hurt. Not getting adequate attention from Potiphar has caused you to seek other men’s attention, validation, and sympathy.  Dangerously, you solicit love and attention from other men. Willing to use sex to alleviate solitude. You tried to seduce Joseph to sleep with you. Thank God for his morals, he ran.What would have happened if Joseph agreed, would you really do it?

Modern day Potiphar’s Wife, you’ve been married for many years and feeling like you’ve been trapped in a box alone. You are suffering neglect. Your husband doesn’t quite see you anymore. Seek attention from your own husband. Remain faithful and honor your covenant. Seeking other men’s attention is detrimental to your marriage. It will defame your character.

Perhaps, you are single and seeking attention from a particular guy, so you fabricate a whole story to gain the guy or his mercy. There are many of you roaming our communities. Lately, everyone has been a victim of some sort of abuse and assault. Don’t destroy someone’s reputation in garnering attention. Don’t sell yourself short. But if you’ve already accused an innocent, confess, drop the case and let them live.

Strongly together & Inspired by,


Is this “your story?” Can you identify with Potiphar’s wife? Do you empathize with her? Is her issue your issue? Here is the call to action: Share this post to help other women who need this. Please, use the hashtags #MyStoryIsInTheBible #IAmPotipharsWife

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