Dear Syrophoenician Woman

Dear Syrophoenician Woman,
“You are deserving”
[[Based on a True Story: Matthew 15:21-28]]


Dear Syrophoenician Woman,

Your narrative is a lost file; barely talked about. It also consists of distinct or unconnected elements from the other stories in the bible. The Jesus you’ve encountered wasn’t the Jesus that the Samaritan woman, woman with the issue of blood, or anyone else for that matter met with. You’ve encountered an entirely unusual Jesus. You approached, cried and begged Him to heal your daughter who was demon-possessed to find out that He is compassionless, insensitive, closed-fisted and blessing-pinching. Or at least we thought. He was unwilling to give or share the Israelite’s blessing with you. He didn’t feel like you deserve anything from Him because of where you came from, the history of your ancestors, and you aren’t part of His sheepfold.

Isn’t that how the World acts, compassionless, insensitive, closed-fisted and blessing-pinching? Why would Jesus act like the world? But, was He really?

He referred to you as a dog. While others struggle to find help, you actually had to struggle with Jesus because he felt that you didn’t deserve what you wanted. Even when Jesus didn’t see you as deserving, you were deserving. Anytime Jesus referred someone as a dog, which is that one time… you know it is bad. This was all an act. He was testing your faith and he was testing your humility. How bad to you want what you want??? was the test. While He was trying to test your faith, you were willing to be referred as a dog as long as you are going to get what you need. You humble yourself because you knew what you were after. That’s admirable!

Modern day Syrophoenician Woman, ever been in a room, where people felt like you didn’t belong? Simply because you are a woman, a black woman, a young woman, a woman with just a high school diploma, a woman with three kids and no man to take care of them. Well, I’m here to amend your Bill of Rights. Let this piece of revelation change the trajectory of your life. You are deserving of all the good that you want.

Strongly together & Inspired by,


Is this “your story?” Can you identify with Syrophoenician Woman? Do you empathize with her? Is her issue your issue? Here is the call to action: Share this post to help other women who need this. Please, use the hashtags #MyStoryIsInTheBible #IAmSyrophoenicianWoman

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