My fiancé’s mother will NEVER be my mother-in-law

Quite a controversial title I chose to give this post, don’t you think? I’m glad I got your attention. I purposely crafted this title to snag your attention. There’s something about titles that pique people’s interest. You’re in for a treat.

Getting ready to meet your partner’s family can make you be fraught with jitters. There is the discovery period, where you uncover whether the family approves of you or not. Marrying that person is on an entire other level. It can get messy and yucky real quick.

Bringing strangers into one’s lives is one of the toughest things in marital relationships. Considering that a family member may not want you in their lives. They may not like you. They may not respect you. Including, they may not find you a perfect match to carry out their family traditions, partake in their inheritance or the prestige.

In that event, when you find an in-law who loves you unbiasedly, regards you highly, accepts your eccentricities and cares for you as one of her very own… you love her back and more. You cherish her. You honor her. You protect her. You have her back. You pray for her and…

You remove the title “in-law.”
And simply call her MOM.

I have one of these GEMS in my life, Fritzie, whom I call mom. I refuse to call her my mother-in-law. I’ve witness women calling their mother in law by their first name. I’m not knocking you if you do that. However, to me, this sounds like a shallow relationship with no depth. It is like being referred to as a “stepchild.” It has the unwanted and black sheep undertone to it. My rapport with her is beyond my wildest dreams. It was an answer of un-prayed prayer that God granted me by sending her in my life. I’m forever grateful for and to her. Cherish your in-laws like they are your parents. If you don’t have one yet, prepare yourself to love her when she get here.

To my beautiful mom, inside and out, thank you for loving me the way you do. You’ve been there for me in so many ways. You exude so much strength and resilience. You embody love, oh so well. It is so refreshing, the friendship / daughter-mothership that we have. May you forever be on God’s special list. Happy Birthday Mom!


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