Perfection is an Illusion

Perfection is an illusion. The sooner we can grasp this life changing verifiable truth, the sooner we can all live happily ever after. All my life I was made fun off because my nose is fairly too round and too big to be classified as a nose. As a teenager, this caused somewhat a mental distress for me because people were highlighting an imperfection of mine. For you, it may not be the shape of your nose, but I know that I’m not alone in this fiasco.

For some strange reason people have fallen in the trap that perfection exists. And if one doesn’t own it, it can be bought. Whatever your imperfections are, you are expected to do the necessary alterations in order to make it in life. Media has indirectly established a perfection ratio.

Please see the Perfect Body Sizing Chart:
Height: not too tall and not too short
Skin tone: the right amount of melanin. Not dark and not too light
Eyelashes: long, curly, thick and dark
Nose: pointy enough to breath and sneeze
Lip: not too big and not too small
Bust: the bigger the better – not sagging and not perky
Waist: the tinier the better – even if your ribs are broken
Hip: the more voluptuous the better

Now, what’s left to be done with the women who fall outside of this chart?

Torment them? Discard them? Reform them? Open more Botox and plastic surgery clinics for them?

Who gets to set the standard for perfection anyway?

Once upon a time, a person used to be stripped off their self-esteem by people calling out their imperfections. Presently, these damages are self-inflicted. “I’m fat.” “I’m ugly.” “I’m dumb.” I, like many women, constantly stare in the mirror. Forming insecurities. None of my traits or physical appearance seems to be adequate enough to win the award for “Prettiest Woman Alive.” It is utterly apparent that I didn’t inherit the posterior end of Kim Kardashian, the face of Marilyn Monroe, or the hooters of Kate Upton. I have two choices. Either I accept what I have or I alter it.

Let us not allow people to pressure us into mistreating and manipulate our bodies. Don’t be coerced into creating an imitation of what you should look like. Be kinder to yourself. Be comfortable in your skin. You don’t have to cover up your scars with concealer, highlights and contours. Hourglass or not, you are a dazzling.


Please, leave a comment. I would love to hear how this post has inspired and will impact you. Take a minute and share with someone who could use it. Help me inspire others.

Thank you for reading.

6 thoughts on “Perfection is an Illusion

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  1. Amen, the reality is I am perfect just the way God made me! God doesn’t make anything imperfect. I am a reflection of my Maker, who is intentional about everything He designs 😊

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  2. This post is truly amazing and inspiring. I love what you’re doing here, uplifiting women. I’d like to mention not even Kim Kardashian inherited her body. Living yourself is easier said than done but it is a thing all women should work towards, at least I am. Thanks for this post.

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