Woman, You’re Priceless


Have you ever purchased a diamond earring or diamond anything for $50? Yeah! Me neither.

I’m a professional shopaholic. I’m currently thinking of attending an SAA (Shopaholic Anonymous) meeting. I constantly find my closet stocked with brand new clothing, many of which still have the tags on it, and have been sitting in my closet for years. If I ever need to go shopping, I should look no further than my closet.

I love to dress up and I love to go out. What a perfect combination for someone with an overstocked closet like mine. A friend of mine wore a white button down shirt at an event we were both invited to. It was the whitest shirt I’ve ever seen. It was the right shade of white, well-ironed with the right crispiness… Nothing about this shirt was off-putting or disappointing… until… I asked her where she got it. She told me Brooks Brothers. I haven’t heard of this place so I Googled it. Anyone who knows or has been inside of Brooks Brothers knows that it is utterly pricey.

So I got on their website and started browsing. And there it was… a “Cotton Oxford Button-Down Shirt” for $140.

Call me cheap if you want but spending that kind of money on a white blouse seemed illogical and uneconomical to me. For a dress yes! Shoes, yes! But a white blouse, I couldn’t do it. Especially when I can go to H&M spend only $24.99 for one. Why do Brooks Brothers, Tiffany & Co, Tahari, Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors have high priced merchandise?

Before I give you the answer, indulge me a little while longer. I have one more question for you. Have you ever purchased a gold jewelry for $75? Yeah! Me neither. Speaking of gold, it amazes me how expensive gold is.

Though purchasing expensive apparels is indeed irrational, it makes sense why people do it. There are a variety of reasons. Purchasing cheap items aren’t always the most economical choice. The undeniable truth about cheap items is that, it is cheap. We equate price with value. We don’t pay for the “look” but we pay for the “quality.” Quality costs. If you ever go to Brooks Brothers and you fall in love with that shirt top that I talked about earlier, don’t think of it as a highway robbery or a rip off. Think of it as an investment because it is good quality.

I wrote this all to say that there are women who constantly feel depreciated. They carry themselves with shame, reproach and disgrace because they maybe had a baby out of wedlock or had a promiscuous lifestyle. Baby girl, your past doesn’t decrease your worth. A Brooks Brother shirt is still a Brooks Brother shirt, no matter how many people wear it. Quality can get damaged but not reduced.

NO amount of money in the world can ever acquire you. Don’t sell yourself short. You are priceless. You are grade A quality. Whether you are aged wine or aged cheese. You aren’t just any type of wine; you are FINE WINE. Know your worth. You are more precious than gold, diamonds and pearls combined. You are without price. Don’t let anyone put a price tag on you. Your value MATTERS. Know yourself and know your worth.

You are valuable and DON’T YOU FORGET IT!


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Thank you for reading.

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  1. Amen to that Sis! If more women believed this we would have less suicides, homicides, prison cells, prostitution, drug addicts, alcoholics and more. The reality is that not knowing your worth can and almost always will cause a woman to hurt yourself and others along the way. Thanks for this reality check 😊

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