It’s the Holidays. The Devil is Working Overtime


Boredom and busyness are stripping people of their power and they don’t even know it. Boredom is like a moth, eating away at the enthusiasm and life of those who possess it. Being that we are in the technology epoch, when boredom strikes hard, we devote ourselves to social networks. We are instagramming, tweeting or snapping. We manage to get to work on time, have a healthy marriage and raise a healthy child. All the while we omit to have a healthy prayer life.


As of September 2017, Statista, a statistics recording company, submitted a list of the number of active users each leading social media platforms has. Instagram has 700 million users, WhatsApp has 1.3 billion and Facebook has 2.6 billion. What would the World look like if all these users were taking a knee to pray to the Lord? One can chase a thousand, two can chase 10 thousands. How many can 2.6 billion chase?

Tis’ the season to be BUSY fa la la la la. And if you live in New York, we already know, “it is the city that never sleeps.” We are constantly on the go. The intensity of our busyness goes from 1 to 100… real quick! We’re occupied with putting up Christmas trees, finishing our shopping list and attending the holiday parties. We are busy preparing to ring in the New Year with a bang. We get so swamped it is hard to find time to pray. We are so diligent with our secular lives that we don’t see our spiritual lives are in complete disarray. As busy as we can get, we always find a few minutes to post or check an email. We suffer from two types of syndromes, the “Too Busy to Pray Syndrome” and the “Too Busy to Remember to Pray Syndrome.”

Seldom do we remember that we have an enemy “roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it” to destroy our lives. He, the devil is working overtime. He never takes a day off. He is continually working on keeping us away from our bible and off our knees. This is his stratagem; “if I can keep them occupied with life I can keep them powerless.” Why would he strip you of your power? The reason is this; powerless Christians aren’t a threat to him. He isn’t afraid of non-praying believers. Why?

NO prayer NO power

The odds of threatening someone stronger and better equipped than you are slim to none. Too many Christians are carrying water guns while the devil is carrying a loaded machine gun, shot gun, railway gun, sniper rifles, grenades, flamethrowers, missiles and so much more. My dear friends, it is time to prioritize prayer in your life. The potency of a person is his prayer. I leave you with this; “Stay alert! Watch out for your enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour” 1 Peter 5:8. Don’t let him find you idle. Stay in prayer.


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6 thoughts on “It’s the Holidays. The Devil is Working Overtime

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  1. I was reminded yesterday to intensify my persistence in prayer. This post just serves as confirmation that this is indeed important and necessary. Continue to Encourage us with your words!

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  2. “Too many Christians are carrying water guns while the devil is carrying a loaded machine gun, shot gun, railway gun, sniper rifles, grenades, flamethrowers, missiles and so much more.”
    This section reminds me that the enemy comes against us with everything he has and we have to defend ourselves with everything we have at all times.

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