Dear Hannah

Dear Hannah
“Don’t be afraid to give back to God what He gave to you.”
[[Based on a True Story: 1 Samuel 1 & 2]]

Dear Hannah,

For a long time you battled with a state of uncertainty. You wondered if you are defective. You wondered if your husband loves you. You wondered if God sees and cares about you. You wondered when is this grief and anguish going to come an end. You wondered until you wandered. Wanting something really bad and witnessing those who have it aborting or mistreating it is rather agonizing. Wanting something that you were born to produce and yet can’t, leave you feel very purportless. It is as if you were a dormant seed created to germinate but for some reason unbeknownst to you can’t produce.

Infertility was largely known in the bible. You know, there may have been a chance that your next-door neighbor struggled with infertility as well. But that wasn’t the predicament of the woman who you shared your husband with, Penninah, who made sure to make you feel horrible about your life. She vowed to refresh your memories daily about your infertility. “You don’t have what I have.” “You can’t keep this man if you can’t give him a child like me.” This quandary is one of the roughest experiences for woman to date.

Living with this seemingly unending anguish, you cried often and unceasingly. You deprived yourself of food. This breaks your husband but he can’t understand the millions of emotions that you have to deal with. Your story is one for the books, one of a kind, uncommon. You asked God to give you something with a promise that you would give it back to Him. You gave birth to one of the most valuable prophets in the Old Testament, Samuel. Question for you, why did you ask God for a child if you weren’t going to keep him for yourself? I’m in awe of your vow to God. Many of us, when God grants our requests we often just say thanks. And as for keeping our vow to God, you neglect it.

Modern Day Hannah, there’s something that you want and other women in your circle have one except you. Maybe a spouse, an infant, a home, a job, a car, immigration status and maybe I didn’t mention it but you know what it is. You have to be radical for what you want. Scream if you need to. Break a few glass-wares if you need to. Cry if you need to. Then get on your knees and pray fervently to God for it. Even if people ridicule you for your fervency in prayer, you betta pray. When the prayers are answers remember to give thanks. Additionally, don’t be afraid to give back what God gave you. Don’t be afraid to serve God with it. Don’t forget to give those in need. Use your health for ministry. When you get that “thing,” don’t forget to give thanks and don’t be afraid to hand it over to God.

Strongly together & Inspired by,



Is this “your story?” Can you identify with Hannah? Do you empathize with her? Is her issue your issue? Here is the call to action: Share this post to help other women who need this. Please, use the hashtags #MyStoryIsInTheBible #IAmHannah.

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  1. Awesome post about Hannah. The symbolism seen here is absolutely amazing! Many readers especially women can relate to wanting something. We can relate to pleading to God for something that later will have to be a promise that’s pleasing to him. It’s amazing how Hannah got her promise but in her vow to God to dedicate her son to God her desires became Gods delight. I believe God was delighted to grant her the desires of her heart but it’s because she delighted her desire in God and found him through her relentless pursuit. Tulip, I am inspired this week yet again with your amazing writing that depicts a blessing masked in sacrifice. What a way to see things.. I love it all.. thanks for your gift and thanks for encouraging me to see God in the process of what I’m in desperate need of.

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  2. You wrote: “Question for you, why did you ask God for a child if you weren’t going to keep him for yourself? I’m in awe of your vow to God. Many of us, when God grants our requests we often just say thanks.” This blew me away! Isually when you get a gift, the natural things to do is to say “thank you” and move on. The unnatural thing to do is to say “thank you” then give the gift back to the sender. God is asking us to be counter-cultural; to against the norm and to submit to Him all things. In this, I saw, for the very first time, my own selfishness and realized that I have to be more like Hannah and submit all things, not just some things, to God. Thank you for writing this.

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