As a Woman’s heart is, so is she

Do you remember the series of commercials, “What’s in your wallet?” I really enjoyed them. It has put things into perspective for me. The lesson that I amassed from it is that what’s in one’s wallet is important. Maybe it is an American Express, a Discover card, Visa or MasterCard, maybe it is just a MetroCard. They determine what course of action one can take. They determine where we can and cannot go. They determine where we can and cannot eat. They also determine where we can and cannot shop and the list goes on and on.

Along the same line, what’s in our heart is important. It determines how we live our lives. Whether we will speak well of others or use their past against them. It determines whether we will forgive or not. It determines how we treat people, how we resolve conflict. It also determines whether we would commit a crime or not and so much more.

I would like to debunk the theory that most crimes are committed due to mental instability. I reckon, the reason is the condition of the heart, whether they have a good or a bad heart. The same way we can love with our hearts is the same way we can hate with it. We need to do an ECG to examine our heart to check for signs of heart disease. We need to perform an heart MRI to examine to condition of the heart. What’s in our hearts? They found, hatred. Resentment. Jealous. Envy. Anger. Pride. Malice. No conscious. No remorse. No justice and the like.

It is difficile to have a good and pure heart towards people who are disrespectful, deceitful, spreading rumors about you and making you feel unwanted. But you know what, this is the time where you NEED to have a pure heart. Dear woman, your heart reflects who you are. In Galatians 5, we see a good heart produces the fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Let us commit ourselves to producing them.

It is of paramount importance that you guard your heart daily. As you guard your wallet, do the same for your heart but with even more vigilance. How do you guard your wallet? Well, you keep it safe from thieves and pickpocketers don’t you? The thieves’ purpose is to take what’s valuable out of the wallet. Guarding your heart is necessary because we have an enemy who sits waiting for God’s word to be sown into your heart to steal it. Why? For the sake of, if he can steal God’s word, which is the seed from being rooted in your heart, he will get you to be unfruitful. Guard your heart. Protect the goodness that is stored in it. Don’t let goodness permeate out of it. As you guard it, obstruct all malice and cruelty from entering in. The same way The United States Secret Service are protecting the White House, you do the same for your heart. Be on alert!

So, joining in with King David, this is my supplication for myself and for all my readers, “hide the word of God in our hearts that we might not sin against Him.”


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Thank you for reading.

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